Currently Active developers

John Adcock

John is the founder and maintainer of the project. He did almost all of the work cleaning, translating and legalizing Multidec to create the first versions of dTV. He coded the world's first real-time software 3:2 pulldown software deinterlacer(based on Mark Rejhon's algorithm article). He has also designed several video-material deinterlacers that are superior to those in virtually any other any PC-based video software product.

Laurent Garnier

In his time off from being confused with the similarly named French DJ, Laurent has been very busy adding some of the coolest new features in recent releases: auto-calibration, the OSD (On Screen Display), WSS (WideScreen Signalling), stills source and patterns.

Torbjörn Jansson

Added the new generic settings dialog and has provided many bug fixes

Rob Muller

Rob has quickly established himself as a core part of the team. He has fixed problems all over the code and also provided the new setup routine.

Atsushi Nakagawa

Atsushi added support for Philips' SAA7130/4 based cards. He is now one of the driving forces behind the project.

Torsten Seeboth

Torsten keeps himself busy getting the cx2388x cards working properly, he is the main reason any of these cards work.

Previous Contributors

Mark Rejhon

Mark authored the 3:2 pulldown algorithm that forms the basis of the algorithm implemented into DScaler by John Adcock. He maintained the project for three months and during that time made a huge contribution to the project. Although Mark is less active on the project now he still pops up regularly to offer sage advice and to share his enormous knowledge and passion for the perfect image.

Steve Grimm

Steve contributed major enhancements to the film detection code including better automatic switching between video mode and 3:2 pulldown mode, and handling of material that has bad 3:2 pulldown. Steve also made significant modifications to the deinterlacing algorithms in version 2.0.0 creating the two frame algorithm. He also worked on an early version of a 3:2 pulldown deinterlacing algorithm. In addition, he is the author of the aspect ratio auto detection code which was included in version 1.9.

Tom Barry

As part of Tom's ongoing mission to use up all the world's CPU power he is behind many of the video deinterlacing plug-ins. Tom has been part of the project almost since the beginning and has contributed too much to summarize quickly.

Michael Samblanet

Michael is continuing to upgrade his aspect ratio control code.

Michael Eskin

An engineer working at Conexant Systems Inc., the makers of the 8x8 series chips that DScaler runs on.  He basically meditates peace between the DScaler software and the 8x8 video capture hardware.  When any of us fails on a nasty 8x8 issue, he takes over and gets the job done from time to time.  One of his several valuable contributions include a bug fix to make Macrovision-encoded sources watchable in DScaler, without purple-lines interference.

Eric Schmidt

Eric's major contribution has been the timeshifting code.

Lindsey Dubb

The brains behind the new Temporal Comb Filter and the old game plug-in.

Jochen Trenner

Provided improvements to the MSP code for European stereo systems as his alter ego "Hermes Conrad".

Mike Temperton

Is responsible for the many improvements to Teletext.

Muljadi Budiman

Added support for overlay colour controls.

Please see the Thanks file for an incomplete list of the many others who have contributed time and effort.