The DScaler team welcomes contributions to the project. Contributions can come in many forms and we are usually happy to accept:

Each of these will be discusssed in more detail below.

Recent Sponsors

The following have kindly contributed to the project:

Drug Rehab Florida

Jamie Sarner a Toronto Realtor

Julie Kinnear from Toronto MLS Listings

David Tsegai from Calgary Real Estate

Jay Banks from Vancouver Lofts


The DScaler project's successes so far have been built on the many hours of time given up not just by the developers but also by people taking the time to test often very buggy releases and report issues or help others on the many internet forums.

We really do value the time people scarifice to help keep the project moving forwards.

Test Material

At the moment the developers would like to source as wide variety of test material as possible. We are particularly interested in:

If you can help us with any of this then please contact me.


The team welcome donations of all types of hardware and will often extend DScaler to support hardware we are given. If you are interested in donating hardware always contact me first.


If you are a happy DScaler user and would like to encourage the team to continue to develop new features and provide support please consider making a donations. Donations can be made through the SourceForge Donation system. Your donation will be used for the following purposes:

Where appropriate donations will be shared amongst the development team.

Feature Sponsorship

If there is some feature that you would particularly like adding to DScaler and there has been no response to your feature requests on the forums and the mailing list you might consider trying to sponsor a particular feature. If you would like to be our first feature sponsor then contact me and we can try and match your request to a developer.

Project Sponsorship

If you are a company and would like your advertisments to appear on our website or forum then you could consider project sponsorship. Any arrangement will be subject to our policy as outlined below. To discuss your requirements further

Sponsorship Policy

  1. Once rates are agreed payment must be made monthly with payment arriving by the 10th of the following month
  2. Either side can terminate the agreement at any time with one calendar months notice
  3. Up to three companies may sponsor the website at any one time, exclusive deals will not be considered
  4. The project administrators reserve the right to refuse to allow sponsorship for any reason
  5. Sponsorship does not imply a product recommendation nor that preferential support will be given
  6. Adverts will be removed without notice if they are buggy, contain inappropriate or offensive content or if no payement is received