User support is provided through the DScaler Support Forums. Please do a forum search for your particular question to ensure that it has not been asked and answered already. If you believe that you have identified a previously unknown bug, please post it in the DScaler bugs page at SourceForge.  Please check to make sure that the bug has not already been reported and try to give as much information as possible when describing the bug.

In the past, most support was provided through the AVS Home Theater PC Forum, the largest such forum on the internet and a great place to pick up information and advice. DScaler had its genesis on the AVS Forum and many DScaler developers visit often. For general home theater PC discussion, we continue to recommend AVS Forum highly.

Because of the way DScaler is developed, some parts of it are much more stable than others and indeed some parts of the code are considered experimental. The parts of the code currently considered experimental are:

Additionally, there is the ongoing problem of sound support, please read this explanation of Sound Issues before posting issues relating to sound in the AVS Forum Sound Issues Thread.